A pictoral introduction to my craftiness, the apparel edition.

I go back and forth about what I like to sew best, depending on my mood.  I love sewing clothing, so I’ll make a few pieces.  Then I’ll move on to a applique project.  After that, I’ll go to my quilting roots and make a bag or a wallet.  Rarely, I’ll sew for my home, pillows or a slipcover.  Part of what makes sewing fun (for me) is being able to express myself in different kinds of projects, all of which are both USEFUL and BEAUTIFUL.

Here are some of my past clothing projects:

blue bird pinnie

Self-drafted wavy tiered jumper in Heather Ross doggie prints

Farbenmix Weeke set in Baby Nay Jade prints

Self-drafted party skirt set with Heather Ross Dream Bike prints

A pair of capris and a skirt made to match Gymboree’s Cherry Pie line

Horse applique jeans and shirt

Snowman overalls

The infamous Elmo overalls.  I have a love/hate relationship with these.

Ballet overalls

Easter bunny overalls

These Lemonade stand overalls are one of my first (and favorite) eBay sales.

And a jeans-jumper-top set in my favorite plaids, another one I was sad to part with.

1 Response to “A pictoral introduction to my craftiness, the apparel edition.”

  1. 1 Hope August 27, 2007 at 8:11 am

    I love your stuff! So creative! Glad to see you got a blog!

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