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A bag of scraps turned into a scrappy bag.

I posted earlier about how I was able to buy a bag of scraps of Amy Butler fabrics for $5. Here is what my find turned into.


My Fabulous Bargain!

I was just *browsing* in a fabric store while out of town this week when I happened upon a little bin of scraps with a sign that said “all you can fit in the bag for $5.00” next to a box of sandwich sized ziplocks. Being the bargain hunting seamstress that I am, I started to caress the scraps in the box thinking about what I could sew out of them when my hand fell upon the most marveluos discovery…Amy Butler Nigella twills! All my restraint flew out the window, and soon I was turning the scrap bin up-side-down searching out the pieces. All in all, I found four different (coordinating) prints in scraps big enough to sew with. Then, I fondled and folded them gently to make the most of the room in my sandwich bag, and stretched the plastic (just a little) to make the zipper shut. Then, off I set with my little bag of treasure to the register to pay. We just got home, and guess what I’ll be sewing tonight? Yup, a little strippy purse with my new AB prints.

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