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A few new things…

I have done some sewing this week, but I haven’t had much chance to blog about it.   The biggest news of the week is that I’m working on overcoming my fear of zippers.  Now, I consider myself a pretty confident seamstress, there’s not too much that I’m afraid to try (although it may end up in the trash when I decide I’m done trying it) but zippers have been one of those things for me.  This week, I made a little zipper pouch.  And it turned out good!  I’m so proud of me.

 Here it is!

I did this little Fall inspired tree embroidery freehand.

And there’s the zipper! 

And on the inside, I used this little brown dot fabric.  I actually finished the edges by the zipper nicely on the inside, but the side seams are just turned to the inside and serged.  I’m only explaining, because I feel a little guilty about not doing a proper lining, but hey…who’s gonna know?

I used the little wristlet today when I went to church and to do some shopping.  It’s great to not have to haul around a large purse in addition to the three children I always seem to have in tow.  It fit some cash, my debit card and driver’s license, my cell phone and my car keys; pretty much all the necessities.

And, the other project this week was a second pair of Gauchos to match Gymboree’s Harvest Leaves line.  Here they are:

These Fall colors and soft corduroys were dreamy to work with.  The weather here is finally cooling down so it feels like Fall now.  And I love the way the waistband went in on these, it’s rib knit with encased elastic, so it’s super comfy to wear!  And the orange topstitching, and the applique….well, I’m just happy with how these turned out.

New Auctions Up!

I finally got some eBay listings up tonight.  Phew!  Here’s hoping I get some bids on them.  Here’s a preview pic for one of them…out of the 75 pictures I took, this one actually came out pretty nice.  For me, anyhow.  I am NOT a photographer, just a mommy with a little old point-and-shoot digital camera.

Thanks for looking!

One Last Hurrah!

My kids LOVE camping!  Maybe that has something to do with their daddy loving camping…  We’re back from our last camping trip of the summer, and the kids had a blast!  On Friday, we loaded up the boat, and took off for one of our favorite camping spots on the lake.  This trip was estra special because we got to bring along my father-in-law, whom the kids adore.  Here’s where we spent the week-end:

And our boat, safely in her slip at the dock:

My darling husband is quite an adrenaline junkie.  He and some buddies came up to the lake earlier in the summer and found this great rock to jump from, so here he is showing off for us.  I think this picture is of the first jump.  After that he wanted to make a second jump.  Then, I (the photographer and boat driver) talked him into doing it another time, just to make sure his fun was adequately documented.

And we spent some time fishing (by “we” I mean, “everyone but me”).  The girls, along with dad and grandpa, had a lot of fun.  These pictures remind me of the sappy “Take me Fishing” campaign….”Take me fishing, because my wedding will be sooner than you think”.  Yeah, I’m sappy like that.  Hubby and Grandpa were so proud of the girls!  Each of the girls caught and reeled in their own little fish.  Grandpa caught several little fish, and Hubby was left without a single one.

Here’s A. with her catch (it was dusk…why can’t the fish bite when there’s enough light to photograph them properly?):

And E. fishing with a little help from daddy:

Not to leave out E-Boy, here he is, throwing rocks into the water.  I am convinced that in just one weekend my children have contributed to raising the water level of the lake by all the rocks they’ve thrown into it.  I’m glad they found a way to keep occupied and out of trouble.  We only had to stop them a few times to keep them from throwing the rocks at each other.

Now we’re home, the boat is put away, the cooler emptied and the kids all bathed.  It was a fun weekend for us all, and a great farewell to Summer.

Life Gets in the Way.

I didn’t get any sewing done yesterday.  I cleaned house instead.  And since today will be busy with a doctor’s appointment for E, and tomorrow I’ll be chaperoning a field trip with A’s class, I won’t be able to do any sewing then, either.  And this weekend we’ll be camping!  Don’t think DH would want me to bring my machine along, and there wouldn’t be anywhere to plug it in either.

So, my apologies to those of you who are anxious to see my projects.  Life has gotten in the way of my craftiness for awhile.

Whaddaya think of that?

Wow!  There has really been a HUGE response to my quilted wallet tutorial.  I’m amazed!  Because I’m the kind of nerd who likes numbers and statistics and that kind of thing, I’ve been watching how many people are reading my tutorial.  So far, 1359.  Really!?!?!  I actually feel sort of like a celebrity with the attention.  I mean, there’s a link to my tutorial on  And a ton of people have stumbled upon me. 

If you made a wallet using my tutorial, I’d love to see how it turned out!  Or, if there’s no way you’re going to torture your sewing machine by sewing through 18 layers of fabric, fleece and interfacing, check out my Etsy where you can buy one of my wallets.  I have several packages of needles on hand, so maybe I’ll sew up a few more to list tomorrow…

…in between checking out how many people are reading my tutorial, of course.

Smiling Pumpkins

This project was inspired by the Jack-o-lantern fabric that I had laying around at the house.  Sometime in April, I put it in a stack of fabrics to be given away, and since I hadn’t done that yet, and October is now approacking, I decided to make something of it.  So, it became smiling pumpkin overalls.  The fabric at the cuffs only used a little of the fabric, so I added a peasant top to complete the outfit.  Sometimes I’m motivated only by the desire to sew “something” and not by any practical purpose.  So it was with this, as it won’t fit any child at my house.  It will be for sale, and hopefully some little cutie will enjoy wearing it this October.


All Caught Up!

Phew!  Every now and then I have several orders underway at once, and I feel rushed.  Somehow, deadlines stifle my creative processes.  Today, I finished up my orders, and will ship them out tomorrow.  Now my mood has changed from “have to sew” to “want to sew”, so I’ll be working on a few new projects today, including some Halloween custom overalls.

Here is some of what will be going out in tomorrow’s mail:

I also got around to listing another bag on my Etsy

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