One Last Hurrah!

My kids LOVE camping!  Maybe that has something to do with their daddy loving camping…  We’re back from our last camping trip of the summer, and the kids had a blast!  On Friday, we loaded up the boat, and took off for one of our favorite camping spots on the lake.  This trip was estra special because we got to bring along my father-in-law, whom the kids adore.  Here’s where we spent the week-end:

And our boat, safely in her slip at the dock:

My darling husband is quite an adrenaline junkie.  He and some buddies came up to the lake earlier in the summer and found this great rock to jump from, so here he is showing off for us.  I think this picture is of the first jump.  After that he wanted to make a second jump.  Then, I (the photographer and boat driver) talked him into doing it another time, just to make sure his fun was adequately documented.

And we spent some time fishing (by “we” I mean, “everyone but me”).  The girls, along with dad and grandpa, had a lot of fun.  These pictures remind me of the sappy “Take me Fishing” campaign….”Take me fishing, because my wedding will be sooner than you think”.  Yeah, I’m sappy like that.  Hubby and Grandpa were so proud of the girls!  Each of the girls caught and reeled in their own little fish.  Grandpa caught several little fish, and Hubby was left without a single one.

Here’s A. with her catch (it was dusk…why can’t the fish bite when there’s enough light to photograph them properly?):

And E. fishing with a little help from daddy:

Not to leave out E-Boy, here he is, throwing rocks into the water.  I am convinced that in just one weekend my children have contributed to raising the water level of the lake by all the rocks they’ve thrown into it.  I’m glad they found a way to keep occupied and out of trouble.  We only had to stop them a few times to keep them from throwing the rocks at each other.

Now we’re home, the boat is put away, the cooler emptied and the kids all bathed.  It was a fun weekend for us all, and a great farewell to Summer.

1 Response to “One Last Hurrah!”

  1. 1 littledresses September 21, 2007 at 8:02 pm

    So cute! Good job mama!


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