Pondering the Blogosphere.

Blogs make the world a little smaller.

I recently was reading a blog that referred to the “blogosphere“.  It’s the idea of blogs as a community, all connected with one another.  I find that it’s especially true in the world of craft blogs. 

Crafts are one of those things that transcend culture.  People everywhere enjoy making beautiful things.  And since the outcome of crafting is a visual art, those crafted objects appeal to people regardless of the language they speak.

Blogging on wordpress, I am able to see where people post the link to my blog, and since I’m a bit geeky about things like statistics, I find this information intriguing.  I can click to see where the link to my wallet tutorial has been posted, and found it on several foreign language sites, some even with translations of my written directions in their language.  However, even without the translation, the pictures show aspiring wallet-makers how to create their own.  What other forum allows for so much sharing of information and inspiration quickly and easily throughout the world?

In this same way, I am thinking of ordering up some Japanese sewing books, like this one from Superbuzzy.  Not that I can read a lick of Japanese, but just because the style appeals to me.  I figure if I can sew up an english-language pattern without actually reading the directions, I should be able to make the patterns in this book, right?


2 Responses to “Pondering the Blogosphere.”

  1. 1 viviane December 10, 2007 at 1:07 pm

    I’m french and I discovered your blog recently and now it is among my favorites craft blog. I agree with you : craft is on of those thing that can transcend people and so does internet. I sew a wallet on your beautiful pattern, it is great and it makes the admiration of my friends, thank you for this tutorial.

  2. 2 Muralimanohar December 10, 2007 at 2:57 pm

    If *I* can sew Japanese patterns with no probs, so can you. It’s actually SO much simpler than you think!

    Oh, and that book is on my list, too. :p

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