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It gets worse…

Do you want to know what the pitcher Hubby broke goes for on eBay?  I kinda wish I hadn’t looked here.

Gimme A Break!

This is what I found in the sink this morning when I woke up.  I do have a vague memory of Hubby rousing me from sleep to somewhat-wakefulness to tell me he broke my pitcher.  Yup, he sure did:  Elmer’s glue is not going to fix this disaster.  Why Hubby was going to make orange juice in a nice pitcher instead of in the big plastic pitcher I normally use for juice is beyond me.  He’s been sick for the last few days, so maybe his judgement is impaired.

Normally, a broken dish would not be a big deal, but for Hubby, it’s the second thing he’s broken this week.  I’m going to have to keep him out of the kitchen for a while.  On Tuesday, while a friend and I were out for a day of shopping, Hubby broke the caraffe for my coffee pot while he was rinsing it out in the sink.  That kinda came out even, since the bonus points for trying to help out around the house in addition to the fact that I got to buy a shiny new coffee maker to replace the broken one made up for the error.  Here’s the inaugural brew of the new coffee maker.  It even has a delay feature so I can have the coffee make itself in the morning if I set it up the night before.  Maybe I’ll learn to plan ahead at some point in my life.

Join me on Flickr

I’ve had several requests for a group in which people can share the wallets they’ve made from my tutorial, so I have created a Flickr group for this purpose.  Here’s the link:  I’m new to this, so please let me know if it doesn’t work properly. 

I’ve also created a group for those who’ve made my “coming and going bag” from the pattern available in my Etsy shop, the link for that group is here:  Everyone who has created items from my patterns is welcome to join, or if you’re thinking of sewing something, feel free to browse the photos for inspiration.

How Many Wallets?

Are in your scrap basket?  In mine, four so far.

 I’ve been trying to make productive use of all my scraps this week, and so far I’ve found the pieces for these four wallets in the scrap basket.  A wallet is a great project for scraps, as it is small enough that you don’t need much fabric, and it lends itself to patchwork designs.

My productivity this week is twofold in that it both decreases the size of my scrap basket, and increases the inventory in my Etsy shop.  Also, this batch of wallets is the first to be sewn on the Rocketeer, which did an amazing job stitching through all those layers!  She’s shown in some of the auction pics in an attempt to be artistic in my photography.

Twenty-Seven Cents and a Chuck-E-Cheese Token

Spring cleaning has begun.  My overworked washing machine is busy on the sixth load of laundry.  Yesterday I cleaned out my closet and piled up twenty pounds of clothing to take to the Goodwill.  Today, I tackled my bathroom drawer, in which I found (among other things) twenty-seven cents and a Chuck-E-Cheese token.  Why I have a Chuck-E-Cheese token in my bathroom drawer is beyond explanation.  We live nowhere near a Chuck-E-Cheese and I can’t recall ever going to one.  Even more perplexing was the decision to throw it back into the bathroom drawer…I guess my packrat tendencies run too deep to throw away such an intriguing trinket.  However, I did throw away the used-up tubes of toothpaste and deodorant, the nursing pads and breast-milk-storage bags (E-boy has been weaned for a year), and dozens of the hotel giveaway shampoos I can’t seem to leave in the hotel room upon check-out.  It’s another “flylady would be proud” moment for me.  Next stop:  The kids toybox (only on the miraculous event that I’m home without anyone who would claim the toy they haven’t played with in two-and-a-half years is suddenly their “favorite” just when it lands in the give-away box).

A Weekend With Guests.

The best thing about having family come visit from California:  Tree-fresh avocados from Great-Grandma’s backyard.  Yep, Aunt J. smuggled these to me in her suitcase.

Okay, okay.  The best part is always spending time with family.  But the avocados are yummy, too!

I have to say, the Californians weren’t too impressed with the clear-and-sunny-yet-frigid weather we’re having.  Looking outside through the window the sun is deceptively promising, but when you step outdoors you realize it’s still the middle of winter.  Even still, we had a fun weekend together.

Here are Abuelita and Aunt J. posing with the kids.  (Please pretend you don’t notice that my pictures are hanging crooked.)

Hubby and the girls took Aunt J. sledding on Sunday afternoon while the less adventurous stayed at home.  It was with sad faces that the kids said good-bye to Abuelita and Aunt J. at the airport yesterday.  Thanks for visiting, we’ll see you again soon!

Yet Another New Venture

I am pleased to announce that my “coming and going bag” pattern is now available through YouCanMakeThis.

My pattern caught the attention of Kim at YCMT, who contacted me last week about the possibility of distributing my pattern through their site.  I am pleased to make my pattern available to the larger audience that YCMT offers.  My pattern was also featured in this weeks’ newsletter, which you can read here.

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