How About A 12 Things Post?

Twelve things you never knew about me.  Okay, so some of you who read my blog don’t know much about me other than 1. I have cute kids and 2. I sew.  Here are 12 ways for you to get to know me better.

1.  I almost didn’t graduate from High School because I didn’t have enough PE credits.  During the last quarter of my Senior year, it came to light that I hadn’t taken enough PE classes.  I tried to get out of the requirement by making the case that I’d taken academic classes instead, but that didn’t fly since I’d had early dismissal.  So, for the last quarter of High School, I joined a team sports class (the only PE class that fit in my schedule), made up of 18 or so boys and one other girl.  The other girl broke her leg during the first week I was in the class, so it was just me and the guys. 

2.  I have a way with plants….  I kill them.  So far, I’ve planted 15 shrubs and trees in the yard of my current house, and have about 6 dead ones to dig out of the gardens this spring.  Even so, I am planning to grow a vegetable garden this spring, always hopeful that I’ll be able to nurture a plant and make it grow.  It’s a good thing I have a better track record with children: Hubby says it’s because the kids cry if they need something and the plants just silently wither away.

3. I love to eat french fries and chocolate milk shakes together.  Yummy!

4.  I get shy when I talk about my sewing in front of real people.  It’s easier for me to talk about my latest project here on my blog.  I’m trying to be more confident about it, but it’s tough.

5.  In a former life (or so it seems) I was a Montessori teacher.  I have a BAEd degree, and I took a Montessori teacher training course and internship for a year postgraduate.  I adore the feeling of walking into a Montessori classroom and seeing all the works lined up in order on the shelves.  That being said, none of my children attended Montessori schools as I am a SAHM now.  I spent a year as the director of a Montessori school, and maybe one day I’ll return to the Montessori classroom.  However, I have allowed my Teaching Certificate to expire, and I’m doubtful I’ll ever teach in a public school.

6.  I think geocaching is one of the funnest hobbies ever.  I haven’t gone out to find any caches lately because we’ve been buried in snow, but now that it’s melted and the weather’s getting nicer, you can bet your booty I’ll be out there looking for a few finds.  I love geocaching because I’m goal-oriented, and having the goal of finding a cache is a nice way to get out and discover new things right in your own neighborhood.

7.  I know “funnest” is not a real word, but I still use it.

8.  I like to fold laundry, but only when it’s warm from the dryer.  I’ve been known to turn the dryer on and “warm up” a load of laundry before folding it.  I also don’t mind doing the ironing.

9. I like to read, mostly popular fiction.  I like Tom Clancy, James Patterson, John Grisham and various other mystery/crime/suspense authors.  I have a huge basket of books in my room, and I keep meaning to join paperbackswap to get rid of them and get some new books, but I haven’t done it yet.  Did I mention that I’m a terrible procrastinator.  Yeah, I was gonna tell you that earlier, but I put it off.

10. I have a secret dread (I guess it’s not secret anymore) of going back to work after all my kids are in school.  It’s irrational, really, since I work at home now with my sewing, and I’ve enjoyed all the jobs I ever had, but still I dread it, and it’s 4.5 years away.  I’m really not good with change in general.

11.  When I go to Starbucks (usually not more than once a week) I like to order a grande white chocolate mocha made with whole milk and a toffee almond bar.  And I refuse to feel guilty about it.  Although, it was better when Starbucks used whole milk standard in their drinks, since I occasionally forget to specify, and my drink is just not the same made with 2% milk.

12. It took me about an hour and a half to write this post, during which time I stopped to change the baby’s diaper, stopped to fold a load of laundry (warm, of course) and start a new load, finished my second cup of coffee and poured a third (with vanilla-caramel coffeemate creamer), answered two phone calls from Hubby (who just called to say good morning), checked on an auction that I have ending on eBay this morning, answered an e-mail and found a pair of striped tights for E. to wear today.


3 Responses to “How About A 12 Things Post?”

  1. 1 dangitAnge March 3, 2008 at 12:04 pm

    Who knew we had so much in common?

    My oldest calls me a plant killer. She’s right. 😛

  2. 2 Tanya (sewing mamas) March 3, 2008 at 3:24 pm

    I can’t wait to tell my husband about #3 — he has made the “gross!” face for the past 8 yrs. Finally — I have found someone to back me up. 🙂

  3. 3 alittlemoore March 5, 2008 at 9:54 am

    I don’t love laundry by any means but I always “reheat” before I fold too. Unless it is a blanket, then I find the need to instantly wrap it around me first. Love the warm laundry and clean scent!

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