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I’m proud to announce…

…the arrival of my latest PDF pattern, the “round neck top“, now available in my Etsy shop!

Every Toddler Needs a Truck Tee.

I am so proud of the reverse applique I did on this tee for E-boy!  It has just the vintage-y look that I was going for.  Of course, it took three times as long to sew as a standard raglan tee shirt, but I think it was worth it.

And, here’s a close-up of the reverse applique (pardon the threads dangling and the edges that need to be neatened up).


A Preview of Coming Attractions

I Spy…

What’s that I see?  It couldn’t be…?  Is it…?

How in the world…?  WHO in the world?!?!?

Who hid Easter eggs in the speaker!?!?  And HOW are we going to get them out!?!?

After interrogating the children one by one, the littlest one fessed up.  When Daddy asked, “Did you put Easter eggs in here?”  He answered, “Yeah!”  As if that were the cleverest hiding place in the house, and there was no reason why he shouldn’t put things there.

And, we did manage to get them out, enlisting the help of our middle child.  Her hands were small enough to reach in, and as soon as we realized to tell her to split the eggs open before trying to remove them, it wasn’t too much trouble.  Here’s a photo of the loot she removed from the speaker…maybe this has been a hiding place for longer than we originally thought, judging by the matchbox car.

Here’s a Week’s Worth of Sewing

I’ve been busy this week sewing up some new summer clothes for the kids.  I think I’ve made good progress:

These two tops I made today, loving the round neck style.  I was glad to find perfect buttons for each one in the button box, so I didn’t have to stop and go out to the fabric store before having the satisfaction of seeing the finished project.  And about the buttons, I’m loving the buttonholer that came with my Rocketeer, now that I’ve figured out how to use it, perfect puttonholes are a snap!

And, I tried out shirring with elastic on the bobbin…once I got started it was tough to stop!  This is one of those techniques that I had put off trying for a long while, who knows why.  I am so glad I got around to it, because I just love these, and they were so easy to make!

And a modelled shot of the other shirred garments, excuse my silly kids.

Here are the t-shirts I made for summer.  Love the mock wrap style, not so sure about the other:

This dress and shorts caused me no end of frustration, the ribbing just would not cooperate for me.  But it turned out cute in the end, and it’s sure to be a favorite cute and comfy outfit this summer.

And for the boy, I made a couple of short and tees.  This shark fabric just begged to be made into a pair of surfer style shorts.

These brown shorts were made out of the leftover bit of fabric from making the brown pants I showed earlier.

And this outfit has to be my favorite one of the week!  The basic black twill shorts have triple topstitching in light blue – red – blue to match the robot print knit curved raglan top.  We had to wear it right away, and it gave me an excuse to get out the red shoes that used to belong to big sister.

And here’s a close-up of the topstitching, which totally makes the shorts:

This week’s sewing by the numbers:

  • garments sewn: 18
  • garments already appropriated and worn by the chilrden: 9
  • bobbins wound: 9  (4 with shirring elastic, wound by hand)
  • broken needles: 2
  • 1″ elastic left in my stash: about 12 inches (not enough for another waist)
  • trips to the fabric store: 0
  • curse words: only at the striped dress

A farewell to the ski season

Since Hubby has been on vacation this week, and A. is home from school during Spring Break, they’ve been enjoying the last week of skiing at our local mountain.  Each of the girls has gone skiing twice this week, and since they’re still beginners Hubby takes them one at a time, so he’s been on the mountain four days.  What a way to end the season!

I think Hubby enjoys taking the girls up, because people stop to comment about them all the time.  They’re getting to be pretty good skiiers, A. was even taking (and landing) jumps in the terrain park today.  They’re little and they’re fearless, and they have so much fun skiing with daddy!

Here’s A., my 7-year-old, at the top of the mountain:

And E., my 5-year-old:

I’m not the only one who makes stuff

Here’s Hubby’s latest project:

So, he’s not your typical handy guy, but we’ve had this tutorial bookmarked for over a year, and an empty patio with nowhere to sit.  He’s on vacation this week, so he enlisted my help measuring and marking the boards to be cut, and we put the table together.  It took the better part of the day to finish, but by dinner time we had a place to eat our first barbecue picnic of the season. 

And for the sake of cuteness, here are our three little helpers:

sweeping off the drill dustpracticing using the tape measurestacking scrap lumber

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