A Note About Etsy.

I’ve responded to many e-mails about this recently, most on the lines of “I’d love to buy your pattern, but I went to your Etsy shop and it’s sold out!”  Don’t panic!  If it is indeed sold out, I’ll relist it as soon as I notice.  However, it may not actually be sold out.  For some reason, when I use the “relist” feature on etsy, my item gets a new item number.  Therefore, the old link to the sold out pattern, still shows up as sold out even though there are more in my shop.  What you can do if you click on a link that takes you to a “sold out” page is look in the shop itself.  If indeed, the top pattern is not there, feel free to drop me an e-mail about it, or just check back later to see if I’ve restocked.  I have no intention of keeping my pattern out of your hot little hands.

And for those of you who have older girls, I am working on drafting a larger range of sizes for this pattern, so keep your eyes open for an 8-10-12-14 size range coming soon.  I doubt I’ll make it in grown-up sizes, though.


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