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Need a New Wallet?

If you don’t feel like using my tutorial to sew one yourself, I just added some to my Etsy shop.


My oldest child has reached 48 inches.

This summer, we have been frequenting our local waterslide park.  There are lots of slides that are fun for kids of all ages (and Hubby), but two of the slides require riders to be four feet tall to ride them.  Each time we go to the park, A. asks to be measured, hoping to get the coveted “4” stamp on her hand.  Last time, the man told her, “maybe next year” as she missed the mark by maybe 1/4 inch.  This time, the girls in charge of measuring granted her wish!  She got stamped with her “4” and rushed off with Daddy to ride the “big” slides.  And I’ll admit, I took advantage of her company, and enjoyed a few rides with her on the “big” slides, myself.

I’m in Trouble.

Here’s what E-Boy managed to do the other day while I wasn’t looking.

He used a chair to reach the drawer in the kitchen where I keep pens and pencils, took out a blue highlighter, and decorated himself.  When I came into the kitchen, he looked up at me and said “me ba”.  I’m not sure if he was acknowledging what he did was bad, or telling me he needed a bath to wash off the blue.

A few weeks ago this same child got the better of me when it comes to punishment.  His sisters were each sitting in a corner for some infraction that I don’t recall, probably bickering with each other.  E-Boy sat down in a third corner for a self-imposed time out.  I explained to him that he didn’t need to sit in the corner because he wasn’t in trouble.  He got up, hit his sister, and asked me, “now me in trouble, mommy”.  Yes, sweet boy, now you’re in trouble.  What in the world am I going to do with you?

More Fall Sewing.

I just adore these dresses I made for my girls!  The pattern is from the most recent issue of Ottobre design.

For the denim dress, I did topstitching with two threads through the needle, hot pink and red.  I love the emphasis this gives to the topstitching, and the color combo is just plain fun!  I used large pink buttons on the pockets and sewed them on with red thread. 

The corduroy dress is cute, too.  But, it taught me an important lesson.  When sewing a complicated pattern, with lots of pieces and topstitching, patterned fabric is not the best.  All the work I did sort of blends into the bold heart print.  The kids love it anyway, though, and that’s what counts.

Fall Fashion Trend: Corduroy.

This is the time of year when I feel inspired to sew for the upcoming season.  So, even though the weather has been swelteringly hot, I’ve been  sewing with corduroy.  The first project, a “round neck dress” in corduroy coordinates.  I love the colors in these fabrics, perfect on my blue-eyed-blondes.  Thanks to Mary for the inspiration to use this summery pattern for Fall sewing, it worked out perfectly! 

Actually, I have to let you know, this is the sample for the next size range of my round neck top/dress pattern.  I had so many requests to make this style available for older girls, I drafted three more sizes, which fit girls approximately size 8 to 14.  Look for it coming to my Etsy shop soon!

I also faced one of my sewing fears: the zipper fly.  I’m really proud of the way these pants turned out, even though they’re not perfect, I know what I should do differently next time.

In Which We Go Camping

I had a little bit of a blog break there…actually a little bit of a break from everything.  The family took a camping trip to the lake.  We did some boating, fishing, hiking, biking and genral relaxing around a campfire. 

Hubby made a friend right when we got to the campground.

We did a little fishing in the creek:

And found a little snake:

Here’s hubby “walking on water” a.k.a. standing on an old pier right under the water that he found while snorkeling.

A. and E. were practicing their casting:

My girl is getting so grown up!

Here’s E. acting goofy when she sees the camera:

And E-boy’s cheesy grin:

And one more, just ’cause he’s cute:

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