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It’s Hiking Season!

Here’s a pic of Hubby on his first hike this year, a 3-day, 20-mile hike with his buddies.

Sewing With A Plan: The Plan

The plan is the first step in sewing with a plan, obviously.  For my plan, I sketched out each piece in sharpie, my favorite medium.  Despite the marker being permanent, the plan is not.  In fact, I’ve already made some changes, subbing fabrics here and there, or changing a detail to make the item work better.  Some of the items will be sewn straight from patterns, but most will be modified one way or another to meet my vision.  While looking for patterns, I found that I may have planned my SWAP backwards, first envisioning what I wanted for my wardrobe, then looking for how to create it, rather than choosing pieces from readily available patterns, as I was unable to find patterns for the exact items I wanted to sew.  That being said, here is my original plan:

After the plan was drawn up, it was time to find the fabrics.  Some of the fabrics were in my stash, others I ordered up from  Still others have been purchased since then, but this is my initial pile of fabrics for SWAP:

This has been a fun experience so far.  As a stay at home mom to three kids, I don’t need a fancy wardrobe.  I’ve been a “jeans and a tee shirt” girl for a long time.  But I feel like it’s time to put some more thought into my own clothing.  And as I’ve been wearing the pieces I’ve completed, I feel good in them.

So it’s (past) time for another blog update.

Here’s the news from my house:

1.  I had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  Hubby bought me the new camera I’ve been wanting, hooray!

2.  I spent last weekend staining the pergola Hubby built.  It was a big job, and left me sunburned, aching and covered with stain.  Now, the sunburn has turned tan, the aching muscles have recovered and most of the stain has been scrubbed away.  And I can finally enjoy eating under the pergola.  We’ve had dinner out there the last three nights.  The best part:  I don’t have to sweep the crumbs off the floor.

3.  I’ve joined in the SWAP contest on my favorite sewing board.  SWAP stands for Sewing With A Plan.  It’s the idea of sewing a 12-piece wardrobe where the pieces will mix and match.  The wardrobe consists of four tee shirt tops, two woven tops, a dress, a jacket, two skirts and two pairs of pants.  I’m sewing the wordrobe for myself, which is an adventure!  I’ve made some things for myself before:  simple skirts, a couple tees and a pair of knit pants.  Now I’m diving headlong into the sewing of my own “couture” wardrobe.

See What Hubby Built For Me?

I’ve had this plan bookmarked in the computer for a long time, and this week Hubby had a few days off and we decided it was time to build the pergola.  It turned out awesome!  Our backyard faces south, so we get very little shade back there during the hot summer days.  Now, the kids and I will be able to eat lunch in the shade!  Do you recognize the picnic table?  That was last year’s project.  Next up for me is to sand and stain the both of them…  Then I’m planning on hanging a chandelier over my picnic table.  Hubby thinks I’m crazy for wanting a chandelier out there, but I think he’ll come around once he sees how cool it looks.

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