So it’s (past) time for another blog update.

Here’s the news from my house:

1.  I had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  Hubby bought me the new camera I’ve been wanting, hooray!

2.  I spent last weekend staining the pergola Hubby built.  It was a big job, and left me sunburned, aching and covered with stain.  Now, the sunburn has turned tan, the aching muscles have recovered and most of the stain has been scrubbed away.  And I can finally enjoy eating under the pergola.  We’ve had dinner out there the last three nights.  The best part:  I don’t have to sweep the crumbs off the floor.

3.  I’ve joined in the SWAP contest on my favorite sewing board.  SWAP stands for Sewing With A Plan.  It’s the idea of sewing a 12-piece wardrobe where the pieces will mix and match.  The wardrobe consists of four tee shirt tops, two woven tops, a dress, a jacket, two skirts and two pairs of pants.  I’m sewing the wordrobe for myself, which is an adventure!  I’ve made some things for myself before:  simple skirts, a couple tees and a pair of knit pants.  Now I’m diving headlong into the sewing of my own “couture” wardrobe.


1 Response to “So it’s (past) time for another blog update.”

  1. 1 Hot Mama May 23, 2009 at 10:07 am

    Sweet! I’m jealous of your wardrobe plan! I wish my sewing machine wasn’t in the same room where the kid naps…
    What kind of camera did you get??? Have fun!

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