SWAP Sewing: Denim Miniskirt

In all seriousness, it’s not really mini.  I am over thirty, after all.  For this skirt, I was experimenting with the sailor-front style of closure.  It’s one way of having a fitted skirt without dealing with sewing in a zipper.  The buttons at the front open into the pockets, allowing ease to put the skirt on and off.

I used the striped shirting for the pocket facings here, and also as facings for the hem.  Five rows of white topstitching accent the pockets, waistband and hem.  Incidentally, the silver buttons I dug out of the button box say “baby Gap” on the other side of them, they came off of a pair of overalls my eight-year-old wore as a baby.  They were the right size, style and color, so I simply sewed them on upside-down so as not to advertise. 

1 Response to “SWAP Sewing: Denim Miniskirt”

  1. 1 Paige October 9, 2009 at 11:02 am

    I absolutely love this skirt. Did you use a pattern? or did you make it up yourself – if so, can you please create a pattern or tutorial?!?! =)

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