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So it’s Salmon Season!

I guess it’s fair to say Hubby got “hooked” on salmon fishing.  He even went out and bought himself a fishing boat so he’s all geared up to catch the big one.  Yes, we now have a “big boat” to take the family out skiing and camping, and a “little boat” for fishing.  Being that we’re a one car family, I find it kind of ironic to own two boats.  Hubby says it’s just a matter of having the right tools for the job, kind of like I own several sewing machines to accomplish the tasks I want in the sewing room.

Here’s my father-in-law with the 15 pound, 32 inch King Salmon he caught on the Columbia:

Lake Wenatchee Sockeye Fishing

When Lake Wenatchee opens for sockeye fishing, anglers from all over the state come to try their luck for the best-eating salmon around.  This is the second year in a row it has opened, but it had been years prior to that.  Hubby woke up at 1:30 in the morning to drive out and brave the crowds waiting to launch at the single ramp on the lake.  The line was already forming and eventually backed-up out of the park.  A couple hundred boats turned out opening day.  It wasn’t even light out when they put the boat in the water and headed out to their spot.  At an hour before sunrise, they dropped their lines on the downriggers and sat back to wait for that elusive bite.  Hubbby caught his limit in the first two hours and he felt that it was well worth the hassle. 

The next day, he convinced our oldest to head back out to the lake with him.  She got up at 2:00 am, like a real fisherman, and had her first bite at about 6am.  Hubby set the hook and A. battled the fish.  After nearly losing the rod and A. overboard, she was able to reel in her first sockeye.  Hubby netted the fish and A. was smiling ear to ear.   When we ate her fish for dinner that night, she was beaming with pride!  This truly was the best tasting Salmon we’ve had.

Here are Hubby and his dad just back from fishing for Sockeye:

And here are Hubby and A., who caught her first Sockeye this week. 

We will be enjoying salmon for months to come.

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