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Long Sleeves.

Here are some of the shirts I’ve been sewing for the girls this Fall.  I’ve been hoarding this purple campan stripe since I bought it this spring, just waiting for long sleeve weather.  The pattern is from the latest issue of Ottobre.  I used knits for the butterfly applique, leaving the edges raw to roll a bit when they’re washed.  The rhinestone antennae add a bit of bling, and I used a reverse coverstitch with woooly nylon for the hems (you can just see  it on the sleeve in this picture).  The two shirts are identical (no wonder people think my girls are twins) except for the tags; one has pink striped ribbon for a tag, the other has pink polka dot ribbon.  Wouldn’t you know, the girls both wanted the one with the polka dot ribbon tag.

I love the stripe/dot combination on these tunics.  I used another Ottobre pattern for these, the “strawberry tunic” from Otto 3/08.  I lengthened the sleeves since I’m sewing for Fall.  I also had to alter the back to have a yoke, since I was working with half-yard lengths of fabric.  The girls had to flip a coin over these shirts, since they both wanted the pink/blue one.  Me, I prefer the red/pink version as I had both coordinating solids for the yoke/binding.

One More Camping Trip

Last weekend our family headed up to the lake for one last camping trip of the summer.  It almost feels like we’re cheating when we go camping in September, eeking out an extra bit of Summer.  The weather around here is gorgeous in September, and since most of the tourists have gone back home, the lake is quiet at this time of year.

When we got in on Friday we set up our campsite.  The weather report predicted that there could be rain showers on Saturday morning, so Hubby and I strung up a tarp over our picnic table, just in case.  It turned out we didn’t get any rain, but we had a monster windstorm on Saturday night.   The tarp didn’t blow away, though, and neither did we.

Saturday morning was cool, so we started out by taking a little hike above our camp.

Here’s my attempt at getting a candid shot of the family hiking.  I don’t think the kids know the meaning of the word “candid”.

 After our hike, the weather had warmed up a bit, so the kids had fun paddling this raft around.  Hubby took E-boy for a ride.  Me, I sat in my camp chair on the dock and knitted on a sock.

Do you see that nice rock wall around the fire pit?  We built that!  By the afternoon on Saturday the wind was starting to blow, so we needed to make a little wind break for our fire.  Here’s Hubby building up a fire for me to bake a birthday cake for E., who turned seven on Saturday.  The plan was to bake a chocolate-raspberry cake in the cast iron dutch oven.  It was a good plan, but next time we’re going to use a different recipe.  Luckily, the birthday girl enjoyed her cake.

 Here’s the finished cake, complete with pink candles.  I didn’t keep track of how many were blown out by the wind before the birthday girl started blowing.  Inside the pretty pink box was a new webkinz unicorn, which E. thought was a pretty good gift.  This picture makes it look like the unicorn is whispering a secret in E’s ear.

E-boy still has a thing for throwing rocks in the water.  I don’t think there are any more rocks near the beach that are throwable by a three and a half year old boy.  You can see here how the wind is starting to whip up the water.  It kept blowing all night long, and didn’t die down unitl late the following morning.  It was a pretty crazy night, lying in the tent wondering if it was going to blow away in the wind.  The kids didn’t seem to have trouble sleeping, but Hubby and I didn’t get much rest.  Luckily, we’d battened down the hatches and were prepared to wait out the storm.

This last picture is of our dinner on Sunday, beef stew cooked over the campfire.  Seriously, this was yummy!  I precut most of the veggies at home and brought them in a ziplock.  The beef was leftover from the last dinner cooked at home.  At camp, all I had to do was put the meat and veggies in the pot, and cut the potatoes.  Then I tossed in a packet of seasoning and some water.  It only took about half an hour over the fire to cook the carrots and potatoes.  I’d brought along a loaf of homemade bread which we sliced, buttered and garlicked, then wrapped in foil to heat over the fire.  It made a delicious dinner served at a lake-view picnic table.

Date Night

We live in a small town.  Okay, it’s not teeny-tiny, but it’s small.  The restaurant choices are limited, as are the options for entertainment.  For us, date night consisted of driving through the local burger joint on our way to watch a junior league hockey game.  Hey, at least I didn’t need to get all dressed up fancy, right?

It was an exciting game against our division rivals.  The game was tied up going into overtime, and our team ended up winning in a shootout.  My voice is still hoarse from cheering on the team.  I brought along the camera and took about 150 pictures trying to figure out how to shoot fast-moving hockey players through the glass.  Here are some of the highlights of the game.

Yes, I said the teams were rivals, it wasn’t long before a fight broke out.  I think this is Hubby’s favorite part of the hockey games.  I think both the players involved were ejected from the game after this fight.

Here’s a nice shot of the other team attacking our goal.  Unfortunately, they made the shot.  Fortunately, we won anyway.

And, the winning goal in the shootout.  Thanks to Hubby for these perfectly timed shots.  Can you see the puck in the back of the net in the second one?  Cool, huh?

The Official Summer Wrap-Up Post.

This weekend, the weather has taken a turn for the worse.  Yesterday, the kids and I headed for the waterslide park for our last trip of the season, and ended up swimming in the rain.  We had fun, though.  We soaked in the hot tub for a while, then headed home early.  Reality set in that summer is at its end.

School started last week.  When I was a kid, I remember always going back to school after Labor Day.  Around here, the kids start the Wednesday before Labor Day.  It kind of crept up on us.  We did the back-to-school shopping, and stocked the girls’ backpacks with folders and pencils, then sent them off on the bus.  The kids were more than ready to return to school, to see their old friends and play on the new playground equipment that was built at their school over the summer.

But before we get to all of that…we did have a lot of fun this summer that I haven’t shared.  A. turned 9, and had a sleepover birthday party with a few of her friends.  Not a lot of sleeping happened, but the kids had fun.

Hubby played softball again this year, so we spent a fair amount of time hanging out at the ball park.  Luckily, the ball park has a playground and a swimming area.  The best part (at least according to my kids) was the concession stand, which sold Laffy Taffy three for twenty-five cents.

Here are the girls helping me make cookies.  Yum!

Here’s E-Boy, flying in the air while mommy tries to figure out her new camera.  He’s quite a daredevil, don’t know where he gets that (cough…daddy…cough).  I promise Daddy didn’t drop him, and E-Boy loved it.  The camera thing is still a work-in-progress, obviously.

Another proof that it’s Fall: football season is here.  Hubby took me for a date to one of the pre-season games.  We enjoyed a night out on the town while the kids spent the day and night with their favorite babysitter.

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