A Very Merry Christmas

We had a quiet Christmas at home with the kids this year.  Here are the excited kids in front of the tree on Christmas Eve.

During the afternoon on Christmas Eve, the kids and I made gingerbread man cookies.

Here, the girls are writing notes to leave for Santa along with the gingerbread man cookie.  One of the notes told Santa that there was a glass of milk for him in the fridge.  I guess Santa got the message, because come morning, along with stockings full of presents, the cookie was gone, and an empty milk glass stood on the counter.

Here are the lumpy, bumpy stockings after Santa filled them.  Even Moose had a stocking (although I didn’t get his initial sewn on it in time) and got some tennis balls and a new leash on Christmas morning.

And, there were many presents under the tree to be opened!

One of E-boy’s gifts was a new leapster game:

E. got a new game:

And A. got a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle (confession time: I probably put 950 pieces of this puzzle together…I could not walk past this on the counter without stopping to fit some together):

There were more presents opened, but after a while, I stopped taking pictures.  Because, really, if you’ve seen one grinning kid tearing the paper off a gift, you’ve seen them all.  I hope your Christmas was filled with grinning kids of your own!


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