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It’s been a while…

Wow, the time has flown by!  I’m long overdue for a blog update post.  Seems I left off somewhere in February and all of a sudden it’s April.  How did that happen?

In February E-Boy celebrated his fourth birthday.  We celebrated with chocolate cake, and surprised him with a new bike.  Here he is about to blow out his candles:

And riding his new bike:

Later in February, the kids and I played hookey from school and joined Brian on an out-of-town trip for his work.  For the kids, staying in a hotel is all about one thing, the swimming pool.  The kids happily jumped, splashed and swam for many hours.

We made some time to head up to the mountain for some skiing and snowboarding.  Here is Hubby and me, along with E. about to head down for another run.

During Spring Break, we took off for an early season camping trip at the lake.  I have to admit, I brought up a book from the library and took regrettably few pictures.  It was cold.  Really cold, like below freezing at night.  We had the Moose dog with us, and he loved camping, and even did well with riding on the boat.

And the last of the updates for today, the obligatory Easter Egg Hunt pictures.  I promise, the kids looked more put together than this for church, but by the time the Easter bunny came to our yard, they had come untucked and changed out of their nice shoes.

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