E-Boy at the Ice Rink

E-boy started ice skating lessons this week.  He wants to learn to play hockey, so we figured skating was a good place to start.  He has loads of self-confidence about his abilities, since he pretends to play hockey daily, and “ice skates” in his socks on our hardwood floors.  When we told him we’d signed him up to learn to skate, he was so excited he was counting down the days on his calendar.  At the lesson, I got him suited up in snow pants, gloves and helmet, along with his rented skates, and he took off on the mats, getting used to the feel of the skates on his feet.  By lesson time, he was ready for the ice, and went happily out on the ice with his teachers and the other skaters.  I wielded the camera, like a true mama-bear and recorded his first skating lesson for posterity.  He had a great time, and did awesome learning to fall and get back up, and skate around the rink a bit.

At the end of the lesson, the teachers had the kids all skate over to a box of toys for some fun before going home.  Inside the toy box, E-boy found a little hockey stick and puck.  Then he took out two cones, skated over to the goal markings on the ice, and set up the cones for a goal, before hitting the puck through.  This was a laborious effort for my little skater, with lots of bending to pick up the objects, then carrying them where he wanted to go and placing them.  But he was determined that what you do in an ice rink is play hockey, and that’s just what he did.  He’s already counting the days until his next lesson.


1 Response to “E-Boy at the Ice Rink”

  1. 1 Lisa May 26, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    My daughter and son both just started taking ice skating. It really is a lot of fun to watch the kids just blossom at something so challenging. Your little guy looks destined to play ice hockey!

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