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Cut ’til it’s Gone.

You could say I’m in a fabric rut.  I’ve been sewing up my Amy Butler Nigella fabrics, and while I love them, I’m about ready to move on to something else.  This last project was an attempt to finish off some of the prints.  No fussy cutting here, I was working with the bits and pieces.  In all honesty, I still have some left, but I’m going to fold it nicely on the shelf for now and bring it out again later.

Another AB Purse Another AB Purse Inside

And just for fun, I got the whole family of that*darn*kat bags together for a group picture. That’s a lot of bags out of those fabrics! And considering I got only half a yard of six prints, and made a skirt with some of it before I started making bags out of it, the fabric went a long way!


A bag of scraps turned into a scrappy bag.

I posted earlier about how I was able to buy a bag of scraps of Amy Butler fabrics for $5. Here is what my find turned into.

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