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Freezer Paper Love

My girls are going to be part of a local relay race this weekend.  The race has four parts: running, kayaking, biking, and a two person obstacle course.  They organized a team with three friends, and I had all five girls over at the house on Friday to make team tee shirts.  My dilemma was how to create a tee shirt craft for five girls, ages 7 through 10, that would result in nearly identical, great-looking shirts.  Freezer paper stenciling was an ideal choice.  I designed a little logo with their team name “the best girls team ever” and some icons to represent the different parts of the race.  Then I printed it out and layered it over five pieces of freezer paper before cutting out the pieces with an X-acto knife.  This was definitely a grown-up task, as our logo was fairly complicated.  It took me most of an hour to cut out the design, and many times during the process I was grateful that I could cut all the stencils at once, rather than repeating the process five times over.  I then ironed the stencils onto the backs of each shirt.  The girls’ part was to paint the stencil.  After the paint was dry (I couldn’t wait so I used a hair dryer to help speed the process along) we peeled off the paper, revealing the finished design.  We personalized each shirt with the girl’s name and the icon for their part of the race on the front left chest.

Hearts, Hearts, Everywhere!

You guessed it!  We’re preparing for Valentines Day by making thirty hand-made Valentine’s Day cards to pass out to a certain someone’s second grade classmates.  The journey started with a trip to the craft store, and after mommy made a detour to the fabric department, we headed for the scrapbook aisles.  I am not a scrapbooker, but handmade cards seemed to require some of the same tools as scrapbooks, so we meandered up and down the paper craft aisles seeking inspiration.  Thirty minutes and forty dollars later, we left with a bag containing six fat quarters of fabric, a heart shaped punch, a pack of fifty blank cards and envelopes, two ink pads (red and pink) and a sheet of adhesive-backed foam.

Today, the adhesive backed foam (along with two wooden building blocks stolen from the kids’ collection) became stamps.  I was so pleased with how these came out!  I think the $.79 foam was worth it.  Here they are:

For those of you who have not yet begun your Valentines cards, the stamps were easy and fun to make (not to mention cheap!)  I just cut various heart shapes out of the self-adhesive foam, and stuck them onto the blocks:  voila!  Ready for printing!  I did find that they worked better with two layers of foam built up, so the block didn’t leave its own impression on the paper.  And to add interest, I used an exacto knife to score the lines and grid onto a couple of the hearts.  I put a different heart on each side of the block, which made for a few red fingers, but only required two blocks to be sacrificed rather than four.

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