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Little Skiiers

This weekend was the first opportunity we had this year to venture up to the ski slopes as a family.  It was E-boy’s very first time on skis and he had so much fun on the bunny slope.  He wasn’t the least bit scared, and kept asking when he could go up the lifts.  Daddy and the girls did a few runs from the top of the mountain while E-boy practiced.  Since the skiing part of the skill seemed to come naturally to him, I was working with him on stopping.  I think he just was having so much fun skiing fast, he didn’t want to stop.  He had a great time, and can’t wait to go up to the mountain again.

A farewell to the ski season

Since Hubby has been on vacation this week, and A. is home from school during Spring Break, they’ve been enjoying the last week of skiing at our local mountain.  Each of the girls has gone skiing twice this week, and since they’re still beginners Hubby takes them one at a time, so he’s been on the mountain four days.  What a way to end the season!

I think Hubby enjoys taking the girls up, because people stop to comment about them all the time.  They’re getting to be pretty good skiiers, A. was even taking (and landing) jumps in the terrain park today.  They’re little and they’re fearless, and they have so much fun skiing with daddy!

Here’s A., my 7-year-old, at the top of the mountain:

And E., my 5-year-old:

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