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Festive Paper Crafts

The kids and I spent some time this morning decorating the house for Christmas.  Okay, I’ll admit that I did the decorating and the kids watched.   

The first project was these colorful paper chains to adorn the dining room windows.  These are made from the covers of magazines and catalogs that were bound for the recycle bin.  I chose the brightly colored pages, cut them into strips and linked them into chains.  I love how the colors from the opposite sides of the pages peek out!  And even though you can get a glimpse of what they used to be (see the blue New York Life ad?) the look now is just bright and cheery!  I’m debating adding a few more chains to each window, or maybe some more in the living room, but we’ll have to see what kinds of catalogs come in the mail this week.  If you have to know, it was a Nordstrom catalog that came addressed to the lady who used to live in this house 4 years ago that started it, it had the greatest red cover with hot pink writing on it I just had to find a way to use it.

Second, I made some paper snowflakes to hang in the family room window.  I also made a big mess of little bits of paper all over the floor.  We haven’t had any snow so far this year, so I guess I felt the need to make some on my own. 

Gadget Purses

A friend of mine asked me to make her something like this a few weeks ago, so today I sat down and sewed it up.  Then I kept sewing and ended up with two more.  The idea is it’s a safe place to keep your cell phone/mp3 player/other electronic do-hicky.  You can clip it to the handle of your purse or diaper bag, or thread the strap through the belt loop of your jeans (I modeled this for my family while they were eating dinner, the concensus was I looked dorky like that, but if you’re cool, you can pull it off).

I love the one made with Amy Butler fabrics so much I might keep it (if I can get over the dorkiness of wearing it on my belt loop).  The red-and-black combo came about because the only other zipper I could scrounge up in my sewing room was black, and…well, I was on a roll, so I had to use that black zipper to make one of these.

Not My Usual Kind of Craft

Have you ever decided to try to make something just because you have everything you need for the project?  This was one of those kinds of crafts.  “Hmm…I have hair clips, ribbon and a hot glue gun…Maybe I’ll make clippies!”  Here they are, minus the burnt fingers.  I added some buttons for embellishment.  When looking over what I’d made, both girls asked the same question:  “Why is there only one of those ones?”  The answer is simple, I didn’t have enough ribbon for another one.  The pink and purple pair of clips were missing from the photograph, they’d already found their way onto some little girls’ heads.  I guess the kids like them.

And, some more of today’s craftiness, this time more my style.  I made these three spring-y wallets.  Two of the fabrics you’ll recognize as being scraps from the girls’ Easter dresses, the other is a vintage-y orange label print.  I think the orange one turned out just right to throw into your tote bag on the way to the beach…totally cool!  Also shown is a bit of the bag I listed in the shop the other day.  Cruise on over to check them out if you have a chance.

Hearts, Hearts, Everywhere!

You guessed it!  We’re preparing for Valentines Day by making thirty hand-made Valentine’s Day cards to pass out to a certain someone’s second grade classmates.  The journey started with a trip to the craft store, and after mommy made a detour to the fabric department, we headed for the scrapbook aisles.  I am not a scrapbooker, but handmade cards seemed to require some of the same tools as scrapbooks, so we meandered up and down the paper craft aisles seeking inspiration.  Thirty minutes and forty dollars later, we left with a bag containing six fat quarters of fabric, a heart shaped punch, a pack of fifty blank cards and envelopes, two ink pads (red and pink) and a sheet of adhesive-backed foam.

Today, the adhesive backed foam (along with two wooden building blocks stolen from the kids’ collection) became stamps.  I was so pleased with how these came out!  I think the $.79 foam was worth it.  Here they are:

For those of you who have not yet begun your Valentines cards, the stamps were easy and fun to make (not to mention cheap!)  I just cut various heart shapes out of the self-adhesive foam, and stuck them onto the blocks:  voila!  Ready for printing!  I did find that they worked better with two layers of foam built up, so the block didn’t leave its own impression on the paper.  And to add interest, I used an exacto knife to score the lines and grid onto a couple of the hearts.  I put a different heart on each side of the block, which made for a few red fingers, but only required two blocks to be sacrificed rather than four.

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