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More Fall Sewing.

I just adore these dresses I made for my girls!  The pattern is from the most recent issue of Ottobre design.

For the denim dress, I did topstitching with two threads through the needle, hot pink and red.  I love the emphasis this gives to the topstitching, and the color combo is just plain fun!  I used large pink buttons on the pockets and sewed them on with red thread. 

The corduroy dress is cute, too.  But, it taught me an important lesson.  When sewing a complicated pattern, with lots of pieces and topstitching, patterned fabric is not the best.  All the work I did sort of blends into the bold heart print.  The kids love it anyway, though, and that’s what counts.


Fall Fashion Trend: Corduroy.

This is the time of year when I feel inspired to sew for the upcoming season.  So, even though the weather has been swelteringly hot, I’ve been  sewing with corduroy.  The first project, a “round neck dress” in corduroy coordinates.  I love the colors in these fabrics, perfect on my blue-eyed-blondes.  Thanks to Mary for the inspiration to use this summery pattern for Fall sewing, it worked out perfectly! 

Actually, I have to let you know, this is the sample for the next size range of my round neck top/dress pattern.  I had so many requests to make this style available for older girls, I drafted three more sizes, which fit girls approximately size 8 to 14.  Look for it coming to my Etsy shop soon!

I also faced one of my sewing fears: the zipper fly.  I’m really proud of the way these pants turned out, even though they’re not perfect, I know what I should do differently next time.

The Start of Fall Sewing for my Boy.

During the last week, I’ve been sewing some of the items I have planned for my kids’ fall wardrobes.  I had put off so many personal sewing projects while I was working on my undies pattern, I was itching to get started.  Here is what I made for E-boy this week:

This tee was super-simple, but I love how it came out with these stripes.  The jeans have green topstitching to accent the separate curved leg panels and knee darts.

This hoodie is made from cotton/lycra french terry.  I actually made one for each of my kids, and they have been trying to find excuses to wear them even though the weather has been hot lately, so they must like them.

And another reverse applique tee, this time with a robot motif.  The colors are actually lime and chocolate, which looks great in real life, but horrible in the photo.  Can I say again how much I love this technique for little boy tees?

So, after I had made these pieces (oh, and one more striped tee that somehow didn’t get photographed) I went through E-boy’s things from last Fall and found that many of them still fit him, so with the addition of these adorable mommy-made pieces, he’s pretty much set.  Not that it will stop me from sewing for him if I want to, just I’m assured he won’t be going naked anytime soon.

A few new things…

I have done some sewing this week, but I haven’t had much chance to blog about it.   The biggest news of the week is that I’m working on overcoming my fear of zippers.  Now, I consider myself a pretty confident seamstress, there’s not too much that I’m afraid to try (although it may end up in the trash when I decide I’m done trying it) but zippers have been one of those things for me.  This week, I made a little zipper pouch.  And it turned out good!  I’m so proud of me.

 Here it is!

I did this little Fall inspired tree embroidery freehand.

And there’s the zipper! 

And on the inside, I used this little brown dot fabric.  I actually finished the edges by the zipper nicely on the inside, but the side seams are just turned to the inside and serged.  I’m only explaining, because I feel a little guilty about not doing a proper lining, but hey…who’s gonna know?

I used the little wristlet today when I went to church and to do some shopping.  It’s great to not have to haul around a large purse in addition to the three children I always seem to have in tow.  It fit some cash, my debit card and driver’s license, my cell phone and my car keys; pretty much all the necessities.

And, the other project this week was a second pair of Gauchos to match Gymboree’s Harvest Leaves line.  Here they are:

These Fall colors and soft corduroys were dreamy to work with.  The weather here is finally cooling down so it feels like Fall now.  And I love the way the waistband went in on these, it’s rib knit with encased elastic, so it’s super comfy to wear!  And the orange topstitching, and the applique….well, I’m just happy with how these turned out.

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