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A New Quilt for E-Boy

I’ve had these Heather Ross goldfish fabrics in my stash for a long time, and finally decided to sew them into something.  Here’s E-boy’s new bedding:

The quilt is sort of “calculated randomness”.  Each block has a center and borders, but I didn’t want the centers to be the same size or the borders to be even, although the blocks need to be the same size.  In the end, I had some blocks that needed to be trimmed to square before proceeding.  Luckily none of them ended up too small…that would have been a trick to fix.  I had some scraps, so I made up a couple pillowcases to match.  And the blanket that Great Grandma crocheted for E-boy when he was born is a perfect match for this handmade bedding set.

Here’s a view of the whole thing, laid out flat:

And the obligatory “cute kid” picture, E-boy sound asleep under his new quilt.  Yes, he always likes to have some toys in his bed when he sleeps:


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