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On Being the Parent of a Second Grader.

Apparently, one of the prerequisites to being the parent of a second grader is a willingness to accurately count a collection of small objects.

This week marked the 100th day of school for A., and her assignment was to bring in a collection of 100 of something.  For that project, I took the easy way out, and she put 100 tiny stickers onto a piece of paper.  It wasn’t too bad, they came on a sheet in a nice little array, I counted ten over and ten up, cut out the right amount and handed it over for A. to put on her paper…done!

Not.  A. was also in charge of the classroom “estimation jar” this week.  She brought home this empty jar with a note inside explaining that we were to fill the jar with a quantity of items and return it to the school.  The children would then estimate how many items were in the jar.  Sounded like a fun project until I came to the little folded card stapled onto the paper which had a fill-in-the-blank line for me to write how many objects I put in the jar.  Uh-huh!  I had to count all those little candies (there are 519, in case you were wondering).  When I finished, and A. wrote the number on her paper, Hubby asked if I was sure.  Well, I’m pretty sure.  And I darn well am NOT going to count them again to check.  If I’m wrong, I guess the estimation jar won’t come back to my house any time soon.  And that’s okay with me.


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