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Twenty-Seven Cents and a Chuck-E-Cheese Token

Spring cleaning has begun.  My overworked washing machine is busy on the sixth load of laundry.  Yesterday I cleaned out my closet and piled up twenty pounds of clothing to take to the Goodwill.  Today, I tackled my bathroom drawer, in which I found (among other things) twenty-seven cents and a Chuck-E-Cheese token.  Why I have a Chuck-E-Cheese token in my bathroom drawer is beyond explanation.  We live nowhere near a Chuck-E-Cheese and I can’t recall ever going to one.  Even more perplexing was the decision to throw it back into the bathroom drawer…I guess my packrat tendencies run too deep to throw away such an intriguing trinket.  However, I did throw away the used-up tubes of toothpaste and deodorant, the nursing pads and breast-milk-storage bags (E-boy has been weaned for a year), and dozens of the hotel giveaway shampoos I can’t seem to leave in the hotel room upon check-out.  It’s another “flylady would be proud” moment for me.  Next stop:  The kids toybox (only on the miraculous event that I’m home without anyone who would claim the toy they haven’t played with in two-and-a-half years is suddenly their “favorite” just when it lands in the give-away box).

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