Family Hike

Last Saturday, we took the kids and the dog out for a hike up Saddle Rock.  Although we’ve lived here for more than five years, it’s a hike we’d never done before.  The trail is a little over 3 miles round trip, but it’s steep, climbing 900 feet of elevation.  The climb guaranteed a good view from the top, and a good bit of wind blowing when we climbed that high as well.  I knew the girls wouldn’t have any trouble with the hike, as they’re in great shape.  I was impressed with E-boy, though, who walked the whole way on his own!

Moose loved being out hiking with the family.  At every water break, he lined up right behind the kids to have a drink of water out of the camelbak Hubby carried.  Ignore E-boy’s crazy pose here…as soon as we got the dog looking in the right direction, he went a little crazy, so the result was that none of the pictures had both E-boy and the dog looking the right way at the same time. 

We let the girls wield the camera to take a pic of me and Hubby.  We look a little windblown, but you can see the whole valley in the background.

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