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One More Camping Trip

Last weekend our family headed up to the lake for one last camping trip of the summer.  It almost feels like we’re cheating when we go camping in September, eeking out an extra bit of Summer.  The weather around here is gorgeous in September, and since most of the tourists have gone back home, the lake is quiet at this time of year.

When we got in on Friday we set up our campsite.  The weather report predicted that there could be rain showers on Saturday morning, so Hubby and I strung up a tarp over our picnic table, just in case.  It turned out we didn’t get any rain, but we had a monster windstorm on Saturday night.   The tarp didn’t blow away, though, and neither did we.

Saturday morning was cool, so we started out by taking a little hike above our camp.

Here’s my attempt at getting a candid shot of the family hiking.  I don’t think the kids know the meaning of the word “candid”.

 After our hike, the weather had warmed up a bit, so the kids had fun paddling this raft around.  Hubby took E-boy for a ride.  Me, I sat in my camp chair on the dock and knitted on a sock.

Do you see that nice rock wall around the fire pit?  We built that!  By the afternoon on Saturday the wind was starting to blow, so we needed to make a little wind break for our fire.  Here’s Hubby building up a fire for me to bake a birthday cake for E., who turned seven on Saturday.  The plan was to bake a chocolate-raspberry cake in the cast iron dutch oven.  It was a good plan, but next time we’re going to use a different recipe.  Luckily, the birthday girl enjoyed her cake.

 Here’s the finished cake, complete with pink candles.  I didn’t keep track of how many were blown out by the wind before the birthday girl started blowing.  Inside the pretty pink box was a new webkinz unicorn, which E. thought was a pretty good gift.  This picture makes it look like the unicorn is whispering a secret in E’s ear.

E-boy still has a thing for throwing rocks in the water.  I don’t think there are any more rocks near the beach that are throwable by a three and a half year old boy.  You can see here how the wind is starting to whip up the water.  It kept blowing all night long, and didn’t die down unitl late the following morning.  It was a pretty crazy night, lying in the tent wondering if it was going to blow away in the wind.  The kids didn’t seem to have trouble sleeping, but Hubby and I didn’t get much rest.  Luckily, we’d battened down the hatches and were prepared to wait out the storm.

This last picture is of our dinner on Sunday, beef stew cooked over the campfire.  Seriously, this was yummy!  I precut most of the veggies at home and brought them in a ziplock.  The beef was leftover from the last dinner cooked at home.  At camp, all I had to do was put the meat and veggies in the pot, and cut the potatoes.  Then I tossed in a packet of seasoning and some water.  It only took about half an hour over the fire to cook the carrots and potatoes.  I’d brought along a loaf of homemade bread which we sliced, buttered and garlicked, then wrapped in foil to heat over the fire.  It made a delicious dinner served at a lake-view picnic table.

In Which We Go Camping

I had a little bit of a blog break there…actually a little bit of a break from everything.  The family took a camping trip to the lake.  We did some boating, fishing, hiking, biking and genral relaxing around a campfire. 

Hubby made a friend right when we got to the campground.

We did a little fishing in the creek:

And found a little snake:

Here’s hubby “walking on water” a.k.a. standing on an old pier right under the water that he found while snorkeling.

A. and E. were practicing their casting:

My girl is getting so grown up!

Here’s E. acting goofy when she sees the camera:

And E-boy’s cheesy grin:

And one more, just ’cause he’s cute:

A Little Summer Fun

We took the boat up to the lake this week, and hubby convinced E. to be his partner in “jumping into the water from up high”.  I stayed dry and attempted to capture the event on film, as the weather wasn’t too nice that day.

Here they are on the dock:

And daddy dives in:

E. spent a long time working up her nerve to jump. 

And she does it!  (Notice daddy, AKA rescue swimmer, has put on a wetsuit…yes, the water was that cold.)

And it was fun!

WaHoo!  Way to go, E!  Here’s what she has to say about it  (she wanted to type, I helped with spelling):


One Last Hurrah!

My kids LOVE camping!  Maybe that has something to do with their daddy loving camping…  We’re back from our last camping trip of the summer, and the kids had a blast!  On Friday, we loaded up the boat, and took off for one of our favorite camping spots on the lake.  This trip was estra special because we got to bring along my father-in-law, whom the kids adore.  Here’s where we spent the week-end:

And our boat, safely in her slip at the dock:

My darling husband is quite an adrenaline junkie.  He and some buddies came up to the lake earlier in the summer and found this great rock to jump from, so here he is showing off for us.  I think this picture is of the first jump.  After that he wanted to make a second jump.  Then, I (the photographer and boat driver) talked him into doing it another time, just to make sure his fun was adequately documented.

And we spent some time fishing (by “we” I mean, “everyone but me”).  The girls, along with dad and grandpa, had a lot of fun.  These pictures remind me of the sappy “Take me Fishing” campaign….”Take me fishing, because my wedding will be sooner than you think”.  Yeah, I’m sappy like that.  Hubby and Grandpa were so proud of the girls!  Each of the girls caught and reeled in their own little fish.  Grandpa caught several little fish, and Hubby was left without a single one.

Here’s A. with her catch (it was dusk…why can’t the fish bite when there’s enough light to photograph them properly?):

And E. fishing with a little help from daddy:

Not to leave out E-Boy, here he is, throwing rocks into the water.  I am convinced that in just one weekend my children have contributed to raising the water level of the lake by all the rocks they’ve thrown into it.  I’m glad they found a way to keep occupied and out of trouble.  We only had to stop them a few times to keep them from throwing the rocks at each other.

Now we’re home, the boat is put away, the cooler emptied and the kids all bathed.  It was a fun weekend for us all, and a great farewell to Summer.

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