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Always Happy to Amuse People in the Grocery Store.

Somehow, when the kids and I go out, we bring a few smiles to the faces of the people around us.  You never know what kind of conversation will come up with kids.  Like tonight, when we were at the grocery store.  We were in the checkout lane, all ready to pay and be on the way home for dinner.  

A:  Mom, will you buy me some hand sanitizer?
Mom:  Hand sanitizer!?  What do you want hand sanitizer for? 
A:  I could take it to school.
Tired mom:  We’re in line, I’m not going back for hand sanitizer.
A:  There’s some right here.  (points at the display of stuff your kids try to talk you into buying as you leave the store)
Practical mom:  Do you have $2.99 to give me when we get home?
A:  I could save my money.
Exasperated mom:  When you have saved $2.99 I will bring you to the store to buy hand sanitizer.  Is that what you want to spend your money on?
A:  I hope that I get a gift card for my birthday so that I can buy hand sanitizer.

The cashier was kind enough to hide her laughter until after we left the store.  Maybe she’s a mom and she totally understands the logic of a seven-and-a-half-year-old girl.

I Never Would Have Done This For My First Child.

Or my second.  But E-boy is the third (and last) and admittedly is a little spoiled by mama.  Yes, that’s my little guy drinking hot chocolate milk from a sippy cup.  Or, as he calls it, “ha cha-cha mi-mi.”

In my defense (you can tell I feel guilty about this, can’t you), I make hot chocolate for the girls when they come in from outside on these cold winter days, and it just didn’t seem right to leave out the baby.  And he loves it.  And he’s a mama’s boy.

My Mommy Immunity is Failing.

Mommies aren’t supposed to get sick, are they?

A. brought a cold home from school last week and managed to pass it on to both her brother, her sister and me.

Today in the house, there will be a lot of lounging on the couch and Noggin on the TV, and not much of anything else.  Oh, and we’ll ALL be taking a nap, seeing as I was up most of the night with one or the other of my younger two children.

Everybody Loves a Sale!

I just marked down some of the purses in my Etsy shop, hop on over and take a look!


Just Another Mommy-Post.

With more pictures of my kids.  Here is E. at her ski lesson this week, she had SO much fun, and went on the chair lift with daddy for the first (and second) time.

And a picture of E-boy, the obligatory messy baby shot.  We had chocolate chip pancakes for dinner last night, and they were definitely a hit.  Up until last summer, my kids were blissfully unaware that pancakes could be made with chocolate chips.  Last summer when we were visiting with Abuelita, “Uncle” Roy made pancakes for breakfast with chocolate chips in them, and quickly became a superhero in the eyes of my children.  Now when I make pancakes, the children (including hubby) insist on chocolate chips.

Note To Self

Do not buy any ketchup or ranch dressing.  Even though the children insist on having one or both sauces available at every meal for dipping, the three (3!) bottles of each in the pantry will last for quite a while.

Yes, I cleaned out my pantry today, flylady would be proud.  Yesterday, hubby opened the pantry door and was bombarded with falling dry goods (he’s lucky it wasn’t the cans, that could have been dangerous!).  It really was time to get organized.  In doing so, I found some things I didn’t know I had, like triplet ketchups and ranch dressings.  Yes, we use them a lot.  NO, not three-bottles-at-a-time worth. 

Caution: Children Cooking.

I’m all for child labor when it comes to household chores.  Cooking is one of the kids favorite things to be involved in, and it’s even more fun when the outcome is pizza.  Tonight, the kids helped make dinner.  A. was in charge of the pepperoni, and E. put on the canadian bacon.  Both girls grated cheese, and mama put them in the oven.  That’s what we call teamwork.

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