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This week, I celebrated my thirty-first birthday.  Hubby and the kids surprised me with presents and balloons at the breakfast table.  There really is an “H” in the banner on the wall, it’s just my photography that’s off.

And, in one of the boxes was a brand new laptop!

Yippee!  I’m loving how fast the new computer is compared to our old one.  This one just zips along!  Hubby did good, both choosing a present I love, and managing to pull it off as a surprise.  Thanks, honey!


Happy Birthday to Me!

No, it’s not my birthday.  My birthday is actually in June, but this past weekend, my parents came by and dropped off my gift.  My dad built these cabinets to fit in my living room (a.k.a. sewing room).  Today I got them loaded up with fabrics, notions and other assorted sewing paraphernalia, which you can’t see behind the closed doors.  Thanks, dad!

I now need to find something to decorate the tops of them…I’m totally not into the “lots of little knick-knack’s around” kind of decorating.  To me, that’s more like “lots of little things to move and dust every week”.  But, this is a bit more stark and modern than my usual style.  I’m sure as I live with them for a while, I’ll find something I like.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby Boy!

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