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Hello, Dinner!

It’s salmon fishing season again, and once again Hubby landed a wild chinook salmon.  This year’s fish was a tad smaller than last year’s, weighing in at almost 18 pounds.  Hubby filleted it and we feasted and stocked our freezer for the future as well.  Yum-O!


Another Hike: Ingalls Creek

Last week we took a hike up Ingalls creek trail.  We’re planning a family backpacking trip later this summer, so I wanted to get the kids out on the trail with packs to see what they can do.  I chose a trail that wasn’t too steep, packed up some lunch and snacks, and we set off.  We brought along the dog, who loves to hike with us.

After hiking for about an hour, we stopped for a snack.

This big rock in the middle of the trail made for a group photo op.  The kids got to rest while Hubby figured out the self-timer on the camera.

Our final destination was this lovely little spot near the creek where we stopped for lunch.  There were some rocks for climbing on and some calm pools for the kids to wade in the cold water.

At the end of the trail, we had one very tired puppy and an exhausted little boy, both of whom slept in the car on the way home.  The girls did great, though, and will definitely be able to carry their weight on our big trip.

Family Hike

Last Saturday, we took the kids and the dog out for a hike up Saddle Rock.  Although we’ve lived here for more than five years, it’s a hike we’d never done before.  The trail is a little over 3 miles round trip, but it’s steep, climbing 900 feet of elevation.  The climb guaranteed a good view from the top, and a good bit of wind blowing when we climbed that high as well.  I knew the girls wouldn’t have any trouble with the hike, as they’re in great shape.  I was impressed with E-boy, though, who walked the whole way on his own!

Moose loved being out hiking with the family.  At every water break, he lined up right behind the kids to have a drink of water out of the camelbak Hubby carried.  Ignore E-boy’s crazy pose here…as soon as we got the dog looking in the right direction, he went a little crazy, so the result was that none of the pictures had both E-boy and the dog looking the right way at the same time. 

We let the girls wield the camera to take a pic of me and Hubby.  We look a little windblown, but you can see the whole valley in the background.

Off to the Races

Saturday was the day for the kids’ relay race.  Our team looked awesome in their freezer-paper stenciled tee shirts, even if we didn’t win the tee-shirt contest.   

Here is E. in her part of the race, paddling.  This was probably the toughest part of the race, since the kids had only a few chances to practice in the kayaks prior to race day.  E. did great, though, apart from getting a bit tangled up with one of the other racers who couldn’t control his boat.

A. was in the obstacle course part of the race with one of her best friends.  They had a ton of challenges, including piggy back race, wheelbarrow race, army crawl, basketball shoot, rock wall, balance beams, hurdles and tire flip.  The girls had a ton of fun!  Here is E. dodging through a slalom course:

And all the girls together running for the finish line.  I was glad I had the accidental foresight to make the shirts bright pink, because it really helped me find the girls in the midst of the crowd.  We had a lot of fun doing this race!  The kids are already planning their team to do it again next year!

E-Boy at the Ice Rink

E-boy started ice skating lessons this week.  He wants to learn to play hockey, so we figured skating was a good place to start.  He has loads of self-confidence about his abilities, since he pretends to play hockey daily, and “ice skates” in his socks on our hardwood floors.  When we told him we’d signed him up to learn to skate, he was so excited he was counting down the days on his calendar.  At the lesson, I got him suited up in snow pants, gloves and helmet, along with his rented skates, and he took off on the mats, getting used to the feel of the skates on his feet.  By lesson time, he was ready for the ice, and went happily out on the ice with his teachers and the other skaters.  I wielded the camera, like a true mama-bear and recorded his first skating lesson for posterity.  He had a great time, and did awesome learning to fall and get back up, and skate around the rink a bit.

At the end of the lesson, the teachers had the kids all skate over to a box of toys for some fun before going home.  Inside the toy box, E-boy found a little hockey stick and puck.  Then he took out two cones, skated over to the goal markings on the ice, and set up the cones for a goal, before hitting the puck through.  This was a laborious effort for my little skater, with lots of bending to pick up the objects, then carrying them where he wanted to go and placing them.  But he was determined that what you do in an ice rink is play hockey, and that’s just what he did.  He’s already counting the days until his next lesson.

Freezer Paper Love

My girls are going to be part of a local relay race this weekend.  The race has four parts: running, kayaking, biking, and a two person obstacle course.  They organized a team with three friends, and I had all five girls over at the house on Friday to make team tee shirts.  My dilemma was how to create a tee shirt craft for five girls, ages 7 through 10, that would result in nearly identical, great-looking shirts.  Freezer paper stenciling was an ideal choice.  I designed a little logo with their team name “the best girls team ever” and some icons to represent the different parts of the race.  Then I printed it out and layered it over five pieces of freezer paper before cutting out the pieces with an X-acto knife.  This was definitely a grown-up task, as our logo was fairly complicated.  It took me most of an hour to cut out the design, and many times during the process I was grateful that I could cut all the stencils at once, rather than repeating the process five times over.  I then ironed the stencils onto the backs of each shirt.  The girls’ part was to paint the stencil.  After the paint was dry (I couldn’t wait so I used a hair dryer to help speed the process along) we peeled off the paper, revealing the finished design.  We personalized each shirt with the girl’s name and the icon for their part of the race on the front left chest.

Why, yes. I do still sew.

This week I sewed up some more undies.  These are for the daughter of a friend of mine, teeny tiny size 2’s.  They turned out so cute!  I have the pattern for sale in my shop, if you’re of a mind to sew some for your kids.

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